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At Fleetwood Chiropractic, we are expertly trained to accurately diagnose the root cause of your symptoms. Our approach to integrated medicine combines these services into a personal, comprehensive wellness plan:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to improve motion and reduce tissue inflammation
  • Therapeutic modalities such as massage, ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation
  • Coaching on body mechanics and recommended ergonomics
  • Rehabilitative and conditioning exercises
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Referrals to proper doctors or specialists as required


The shortest road to recovery is recognizing that chiropractic needs to be your first stop.


Motor Vehicle Injuries

  • Let us check you before your accident becomes a major problem. Even simple fender benders cause alignment and biomechanical problems.
  • Whiplash and lower back pain, radiating pain to arms and legs, as well as sensory disturbances are common.
  • We will assess your condition immediately after an accident to avoid increased pain or other post-accident limitations.

Sports Injuries

  • Injuries are part of the game. Most result from overuse and repetition without proper technique or conditioning.
  • As a former athlete and nationally recognized Rugby coach, Dr. Frick understands the demands of sports.
  • Not at the top of your game? Dr. Frick will recommend a conditioning regimen that helps prevent injury or re-injury.

Farm and Industrial Injuries

  • Like sports injuries, work injuries commonly stem from repetition without proper technique or conditioning.
  • We treat injured workers with proper treatment, rehabilitation, stretching, exercise and conditioning that prevents reoccurrence.

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